As one of Australia’s busiest transport corridors, the area immediately north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge serves as a key route for cars, freight, public transport as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

Demand for improvements to active (walking and cycling) transport infrastructure in the area have led North Sydney City Council, with support from the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) to commission an economic analysis and demand forecasting study into a major upgrade of active transport opportunities connecting the Harbour Bridge with North Sydney. In partnership with SKM and PwC, the Institute for Sensible Transport was selected to carry out this important study on active transport connections to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The final report, delivered in mid 2010 provides a comprehensive forecast of the increase in walking and cycling as a consequence of shared path improvements, as well as the resultant economic benefit. When combined with cost estimates for infrastructure improvements, a Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) has been shown and this is a new benchmark for active transport planning in Australia.