The Institute for Sensible Transport was commissioned by Maribyrnong City Council in 2009 to develop Australia’s first contingency plan for future oil supply disruptions.

Our team worked closely with council staff to assess council’s operations and vulnerability to oil supply constraints. This process led to the identification of ten service areas considered most vulnerable to either a short or long term reduction in available fuel supplies.

We facilitated a workshop in which council staff nominated the key threats to their business area posed by a reduction in fuel availability and what response measures they could implement to mitigate against these threats.
 Using a risk management approach, we were able to develop risk profiles for each of the ten service areas and prioritise the recommendations made by council staff. This analysis enabled our team to provide practical recommendations to assist council meet its fuel use reduction targets and increase Maribyrnong’s resilience to future threats posed by fuel supply disruptions.

Project deliverables:

  • Analysis of local demographics and transport patterns
  • Analysis of council’s operations, services and oil consumption
  • Identification of ten critical service areas most vulnerable to oil supply disruptions
  • Facilitated workshop with over 35 council staff
  • Risk analysis of service areas against a short and long term reduction in oil supply
  • Critical analysis and prioritisation of response measures to oil depletion
  • Recommendations to increase council and community resilience to future oil supply disruptions.