In partnership with leading U.S. bike share planner Paul DeMaio of MetroBike, we completed the first stage of the Perth Bike Share Feasibility Study. Commissioned by the City of Perth, this project was the first strategic assessment of the potential for Perth to support a well used bike share program. This study involved a comprehensive assessment of domestic and international bike share programs, barriers and facilitators to bike share in Australia and emerging technologies within the sector.

Key components of this project included:

  1. Background research; including predictors of bike share use, impacts of bike share, costs and revenue, as well as emerging bike share technology applicable to the Perth context.
  2. Focus groups with cyclists and non-cyclists in Perth, to better understand the spectrum of views that exist in the Perth community related to urban cycling and bike share.
  3. Professional stakeholder workshop: To better understand the factors that act as opportunities and risks for a future bike share program in Perth.
  4. Initial Feasibility Assessment: A concise summary of the project outcomes, to provide a clear, evidence based recommendation to the City of Perth regarding the potential for bike share to succeed in Perth.

The City of Perth are currently considering the results of this initial work, to help determine whether there are sufficient grounds to progress to Stage 2 of the Bike Share Feasibility Study. The Stage 2 project, should it proceed, will provide a detailed assessment of the design features required to maximise the success of a future bike share program in Perth.