Working with a group of inner Sydney councils, and Opus International, the Institute for Sensible Transport conducted a feasibility study for bike share in Australia’s largest city.  To date, the Institute for Sensible Transport have provided:

  • Six case studies; documenting the bike share experience in London, NYC, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Melbourne, and Brisbane. These case studies include an assessment of the key factors driving success as well as the barriers to bike share use.
  • Key benefits and opportunities for bike share in Sydney.
  • Key performance indicators for best practice when developing bike share program contracts.
  • Integration of a future Sydney bike share program with public transport, including options for Smartcard compatibility.
  • Bike share propensity index: This was developed as a map of Sydney, indicating areas of high and low forecast bike share use. This map will help inform the best locations for docking stations in a future bike share program.
  • Design principles for the placement of docking stations.
  • Assessment of suitable bike share hardware for Sydney.
  • Optimal process for user sign up and customer interface.
  • Consideration of helmet requirements and potential measures to mitigate lower usage levels due to existing legislation.
  • Bicycle infrastructure network and impact on usage.
  • Potential funding sources and program costs.
  • Governance and contract management.

The result of the above activities will be used to help make an informed decision regarding a future bike share program in Sydney.