Since 2011 we have been providing presentations and facilitating workshops for governments, universities and public transport providers interested in establishing a new bike share program, or seeking to enhance an existing one.

Our bike share presentations usually cover the following areas/topics:

  • Half a century of bike share: from humble beginnings to mega systems of over 80,000 bikes.
  • How bike share use varies between cities.
  • Bike share gone wrong: what happened in the cities with poorly used bike share programs and what can we learn from them?
  • The critical motivating factors for bike share users.
  • Mode substitution and why it’s essential to bike share evaluation.
  • Bike share impacts on car use, safety and physical activity.
  • Elements of success: critical design features to optimise bike share impact.

The following presentation was made for an international Webinar in July 2015. It was adapted for a presentation made as a guest of Monash University’s Institute of Transport Studies in August 2015.

[slideshare id=50282620&doc=webinarpresentation8-150708020351-lva1-app6891]