In 2015 Monash University became the first Australian university to launch a fully IT based bike share program. The Institute for Sensible Transport conducted a pre-launch risk assessment to help guard against the low usage figures that other Australian bike share programs have experienced in recent years.

Project deliverables:

  • Overview of global bike share and Australia’s experience
  • Analysis of Monash Travel Survey Data and implications for bike share
  • Assessment of barriers to bike share at Monash University
  • Recommendations to increase usage of Monash Bike Share program.

Monash University’s Reeta Lad’s Testimonial:

The Institute for Sensible Transport helped us better understand the risks and opportunities presented by bike share. Using their extensive knowledge of bike share trends and usage patterns, their report helped us calibrate our program to best meet user requirements. Their report provided a very useful set of evidence based recommendations we were able to use to optimise our bike share program. The Institute’s expertise helped strengthen the value proposition of our bike share program to potential users. Their report exceeded our expectations.

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