We were engaged by the Victorian Department of Transport to conduct a technical evaluation of the carriage of bicycles on regional trains and coaches (buses). This study provided the Department with practical ways to accommodate the increasing demand from the public to integrate cycling with public transport.

As part of this report, the Institute for Sensible Transport developed a disciplinary team that included the public transport industry, cycling groups and the tourism industry to identify the major issues and potential solutions.


Key recommendations included:

  • The establishment of a public transport bicycle advisory committee
  • Introducing a booking system for those wishing to carry a bicycle on-board regional public transport
  • Improvements to data collection techniques
  • Expand bicycle parking at train stations
  • The modification of carriages to optimise the accommodation of bicycles and improve passenger safety
  • Enhance the provision of bicycle infrastructure connecting train stations with surrounding areas.

This report continues to inform Victorian Government Policy and has been featured in the Victorian Cycling Strategy.

The report can be downloaded here.