In 2015 we were commissioned by the City of Melbourne to prepare a report on the impacts that disruptive transport technology may have on travel patterns in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest and fastest growing city.

Rapid advances in technology, combined with increasing interest in improving transport efficiency have led to the emergence of a wide range of disruptive transport teCoM Emerging Technology Report Coverchnologies. App-based ride services (e.g. Uber), innovative car and bike share programs and multimodal travel information are just some of the innovations currently available in cities. Autonomous vehicles are likely to have a major impact on car ownership rates, parking and safety.

In this project we provided the City of Melbourne with guidance on the role of disruptive transport technologies on transport behaviour and the impacts on their organisation. The major components of this project are identified below:

  1. Introduction and description of disruptive technology, with an emphasis on transport.
  2. Different classes and categories of disruptive transport technologies.
  3. An internal workshop with City of Melbourne staff; exploring the impacts and potential responses to disruptive transport.
  4. Interviews with international leaders in transport innovation.
  5. Local government best practice in facilitating desirable change through disruptive transport technology.
  6. Distilling the impacts and recommended responses to assist the City of Melbourne meet its strategic objectives through disruptive transport innovation.

This report was delivered to the City of Melbourne in February 2016 and can be downloaded here.

View Fairfax media coverage of the report here.