In Queensland, cyclists represent 3.8% of all road traffic fatalities, which is vastly disproportionate to the number of vehicle kilometres travelled by bike, and even the cyclist mode share. Cyclist fatalities as a proportion of all traffic fatalities as risen significantly since 2005 – 2009 in Queensland (Australian Government, 2015).

Using police reported crash data for Queensland, we have visualised the spatial distribution of incidents in which a cyclist was involved. Users are able to zoom in (using the toggle on the top right hand corner), to focus on a particular area of the street network, and pan to view any area of Queensland. Hover over an individual dot to learn more details about the incident (e.g. crash severity, crash type etc.).

Maps such as the one below can be a helpful tool for transport planners seeking to improve road safety, especially when used in combination with cyclist count data, to gain an estimate of risk. These data can be used in conjunction with multi-criteria analysis to inform infrastructure decision making frameworks.

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