In partnership with the Change Collective, CrowdSpot and Safe System Solutions, we prepared the new Bike Plan for the City of Parramatta. Parramatta is one of Australia’s fastest growing regions and functions as Sydney’s second CBD. The city is currently undergoing a rapid transformation and this Bike Plan has been designed to enhance Parramatta’s position as a desirable destination, to live and work.

This is the first Bike Plan in Australia to use our Bike Use Propensity Index to identify the areas with the highest latent demand for cycling. This was used to plan the bicycle infrastructure network to maximise the return on investment.

The Bike Plan was adopted by the Administrator in June 2017. The key components of the Bike Plan we led included:

  1. Desktop analysis of relevant Commonwealth, NSW and local government policy related to cycling.
  2. Assessment of current travel behaviour and crash data.
  3. Detailed assessment of current bicycle infrastructure including a five day ‘saddle survey’ using a customised GIS based App for bicycle infrastructure auditing.
  4. Development of Australia’s first Bike Use Propensity Index; a geospatial analysis of how propensity to cycle differs within each small area that make up the City of Parramatta.
  5. Audit of bicycle parking and wayfinding options.
  6. Development of a proposed bicycle network designed to increase the appeal of cycling in Parramatta.
  7. Benefit cost analysis for proposed bicycle infrastructure routes.
  8. Analysis of potential funding mechanisms for bicycle infrastructure delivery.

The Bike Use Propensity Index is shown below. Darker areas have a relatively higher propensity for cycling.

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