Commissioned by Bass Coast Shire Council, we developed this place based transport strategy focused on increasing the vibrancy and sustainability of the Wonthaggi CBD. This project included the development of street and intersection upgrades, an expanded bicycle network, and more pedestrian friendly CBD and clear guidance on the management of car parking.

The data analysis conducted as part of this project found:

  • High levels of car use, accounting for around 9 in 10 trips
  • High parking demand during peak times
  • Streets dominated by on-street parking and through traffic
  • A large proportion of car trips are of short distance; a third of all trips to work are under 2.5km and half are under 5km
  • Very low levels of walking, cycling and public transport. In many cases, existing conditions for these modes have reduced their attractiveness and appeal.

The infographic below was prepared as part of this study, and highlights key data pertinent to the future of transport in Wonthaggi.

Creating a safer, more sustainable and vibrant Wonthaggi

The challenge facing Wonthaggi is stark. An expected doubling of the population over the next three decades will mean that if existing travel patterns continue, the inevitable congestion and parking difficulties will detract from the lifestyle that currently draw people to Wonthaggi. ‘Doing more with less’ is the philosophy that will need to underpin strategic transport investment, as the amount of road and parking space per person begins to diminish.

This Study identified a wide range of opportunities to begin Wonthaggi’s transformation into a sustainable, safe and inviting regional centre that capitalises on Wonthaggi’s uniqueness. Its small scale, laneways and short average trip distances offer great opportunities to become a leading Victorian regional town for more sustainable travel. While this will be great for those seeking to walk, cycle and use public transport more often, it will also result in better outcomes for those that have to drive.

This Access and Movement Study outlines a holistic 30-year vision to make Wonthaggi an even better place to live, work and visit. This Access and Movement Study has the title Smarter Choices because it focuses on ‘doing more with less’. As Wonthaggi’s population is set to more than double over the next 30 years, it is critically important to design a transport system that is more space and environmentally efficient, that provides access to healthier transport modes and creates streets that are more people-focused.

A package of reinforcing, integrated actions have been developed, to provide a clear set of implementable initiatives designed to assist Bass Coast Shire Council achieve its long-term vision for Wonthaggi.

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