We recently prepared a Zero Emission Fleet Transition Plan and Business Case for six councils in Melbourne’s eastern region. The region this project covers is shown below.

Study area

The region this project covers

This project required the development of a detailed audit of the existing fleet and a tool that guided each council in matching zero emission replacements for fossil fuel vehicles. Cost and emission impact was included in the tool, as well as a plan for delivering EV charging to support the fleet transition.

The figure below compares the cost of an EV (BYD Atto 3) with two popular internal combustion engine vehicles, including a hybrid based on annual kilometres travelled.

As part of this project, our team conducted site visits to each council, including an examination of the switchboard and other electrical infrastructure, bill and demand assessment, resulting in a charging plan for each council. A training package for fleet managers, to enable them to use the tool effectively, was included as part of this project.