We prepared a 20-year Integrated Transport Strategy for Yarra Ranges, a peri-urban and partly rural municipality on the eastern fringe of Melbourne. Community consultation was an important element in the development of the Strategy, and this included pop up sessions, online surveys and map-based identification of both the strengths and limitations of the transport system.

A detailed analysis of existing travel behaviour was undertaken, and this found that over half of all car trips were under three kilometres, partly dispelling the myth that most car trips are too long to do by foot or bike. Our analysis of land use patterns also found that 90% of the population lives in just 9% of the land area.

While Yarra Ranges is a large municipality, 90% of the population lives in just 9% of the land area.

Our work also showed that although there are some long-distance car trips, most are surprisingly short. In fact, around 50% of car trips are under 5km.

Every day in Yarra Ranges, there are an estimated 130,000 car trips under 3km

The draft Integrated Transport Strategy is due to go out to community consultation during November and December 2019 and is expected to then be updated prior to going to Council in early 2020 for endorsement.