We were commissioned by Transport for NSW to develop a geospatial prioritisation framework to assist in the staging of their expanded Principal Bicycle Network for Sydney and Parramatta. The Framework was able to analyse over 1,300km of future network, providing a score across 16 individually weighted criteria.

Transport for NSW were presented with a representation of their proposed network, in terms of how each element performed across each of the 16 criteria. The 16 criteria were divided into desirability and deliverability categories and are shown below.

Desirability criteria

Deliverability criteria

Mapping of potential ridership growth was one of the criteria used to inform the development of the bike network. This criteria used several Census collected variables to estimate latent demand for cycling. A representation of this variation in propensity to cycle is shown below.

Transport for NSW Propensity to Cycle Map

For more information on this project, contact Dr Elliot Fishman at info@sensibletransport.org.au