We were commissioned by Casey City Council to prepare the Narre Warren – Fountain Gate Access and Movement Strategy. The Strategy identified transport and infrastructure projects to support a recently adopted Structure Plan for the Fountain Gate Narre Warren Metropolitan Activity Centre. The project was funded by the Victorian Planning Authority’s Streamlining for Growth Grant.



We used a mix of Census data, number plate surveys, and site visits to develop a deep understanding of how people access the area and where they come from. This project delivered a set of recommendations covering enhancements to the pedestrian environment, enhanced cycling options, better integrated public transport and more effective parking management. We also delivered recommendations designed to reduce the impact of through traffic on the activity centre.

As a first step, we studied the history of the region, from its pre-colonial, indigenous past, through to its development as a major population centre of south eastern Melbourne. The figure below provides a snapshot of Narre Warren’s history.

Historical timeline of Narre Warren

Train station parking was seen as an important issue and we undertook an analysis of the number plates for vehicles parked at this car park, which typically accommodates over 500 vehicles daily. In cooperation with the Department of Transport, we were able to obtain the street and postcode of registration for these vehicles. We then illustrate the approximate location in which these vehicles are registered, which as a proxy for trip origin. The results of this process are illustrated in the figure below.

Mapping approximate locations where vehicles are registered, who park at Narre Warren station.

This Access and Movement Strategy provided a comprehensive set of actions designed to change the transport landscape in Narre Warren Fountain Gate, in order to achieve the goals set out in the Structure Plan, and the targets established in this Strategy. The key challenges and actions are summarised in the figure below, with the full report providing a more comprehensive analysis of what is needed to make this area of Melbourne more liveable.

Major challenges and key actions

For more information on this project, contact Dr Elliot Fishman at info@sensibletransport.org.au