Don’t miss out on the Groningen side tour

22nd June 2018 

Groningen is a city in the north of the Netherlands with a well-deserved reputation for transport innovation. It boasts the highest bicycle mode share in the world and its traffic management system, known as the ‘Groningen Model’ has lowered through-vehicle traffic in the city centre and made it one of the most vibrant in northern Europe. 

Many other Dutch cities are trying to emulate what Groningen has achieved.

This one day tour of Groningen will involve a train trip from Utrecht, presentations from local transport planners and academics, followed by an expert led bicycle tour of some of the initiatives that have made Groningen one of the leading cities in sustainable mobility.

We are very pleased to have as our guide Cor van der Klaaw, who has been close to the centre of Groningen’s transformation for over 40 years. Cor’s knowledge and personal connection with the history of Groningen’s transport projects offers invaluable insights for delegates. This was one of the highlights from last year’s Tour and Cor will change how you think about transport and city planning.

The cost of the Groningen side tour is $290 + GST, including lunch, lecture and bicycle hire/tour. Train travel and other costs are not included. Participants are free to make their own travel arrangements following the conclusion of the Groningen side tour (6pm Saturday 22nd June).

Please fill out this form below to secure your place.

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